Lino Hau is known for its blending of classic design with a natural, fresh and unique style. Lino Hau strives to incorporate local products to support the local community and all of its items are bought locally or brought back from the artists travel adventure. All of Lino Hau’s hand crafted jewelry was made in Honolulu, Hawaii. What makes Lino Hau stand out from many others is its very exclusive and limited jewelry art collection. When you purchase a piece from Lino Hau it is made in very limited quantity. Because each piece is made with organic materials and is hand crafted each item may very in texture, color or size. It is impossible to duplicate the exact same item.


Lino Hau is a young company that had a quick start in 2011 by a local artist named Tiffany Pestana. Since birth Tiffany was surrounded by art. As a young girl she would enjoy assisting her mother with her crafts and took an interest to jewelry at a young age. It wasn’t until adulthood that she decided to pursue her passion. She realized her love of the arts after attending school at the Honolulu Academy of Arts. It was there she realized her love of blending organic, and natural components with vintage and modern flair.